Jumat, 27 April 2012


Jadi giniya. Tanggal 12 sampe 14 kemaren, fira segenerasi (Oxide) pergi ke batukaras, dari tanggal 12 sampe 14 April kemaren. Gayanyaaa kali ya, kata orang. But we went to do something. Our duty, our to-do. LDKS.
Hmm gimana ya? Kit tulis model diary aja weh nya :D 'Cause there I wrote some~, I'll rewrite it today + add some text..

Day-1. Thr, 12 Apr 2012
Amanah, Tasikmalaya, 06.00
Cuman bisa bengong, di depan lemari. hey, is this really true? I don't even can believe it, dude! (✿◠‿◠) (◕‿◕✿) Time run, really fast, we don't even realize. Ko bisa ya? Padahal, perasaan ya baru kemaren, I did that LDKS.. In my junior high school, Al-Aqsha.. Huehuehue

For you who doesn't know what is that LDKS, LDKS is stands for Latihan Dasar Kepemimpinan Siswa. But they (the committee of LDKS in Amanah Islamic Boarding School), changed it. So, LDKS here stands for Latihan Dasar Kepemimpinan Santri. And inside that event.. It's all too much, huehaha (^ω^

It wasn't an ordinary training. There, we trained to be a great, honest, trustworthy leader for who we lead, especially for ourself first. Acaranya banyak bangetlah, macem-macem, tergantung sama panitianya. Kalo waktu SMP ya, panitianya muda-muda. Kebayanglah, LDKSnya kayak MOPD anak kuliahan aja. Aslinya, soalnya paitianya juga kebanyakan mahasiswa. Serasa mereka nge MOPD adik kelasnya aja ya, enak banget balas dendamnya dipercepat. Muehehehe..

Oke itu emang cuman bercanda. That was kidding. I know that they made it for us so that we can face the real life. Right?  Even though kadang emang LDKSnya rada menyiksa, made us sucks, but trust me. It worth, more than love that you save for someone. *huehuehue*  ƪ)   We learned much from LDKS. Togetherness, loyalty, leadership, teamwork, and many more. Here some documentation from LDKS in my JHS.

 Yah, I don't know how this coming LDKS will be. But I thought, it won't be crazier, more funny, or simply it won't be more that LDKS in my JHS.

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