Rabu, 29 Agustus 2012

Nowaday ~

Well.. Good morning, 10.27am in Indonesia, and Good Evening, Good Afternoon for all world friends. Looooooong time, this blog never been update. Well, I'm too busy. With my real-life-bussiness. Really. ._. And this post created to give you all alert that this blog never be ignored. I just.. can't find my inspiration. Still.

Anonymous said, that inspirations come when we're falling in love. Nowaday, I'm not falling yet. I'm terribly confused with that.

Anonymous said, that inspirations come when we're getting happy. Nowaday, I'm hanging out with many friends but why, I didn't find my inspiration? Still? Am I not really happy?

Anonymous said, that inspiration come when we're dissapoint about something. Nowaday, I'm in it everyday, but why I can't get my inspiration?

Nowaday.. I'm sad. Terribly sad. Why I can't be myself.. as same as long time ago. I knew, everything changed.

But for this thing, I don't wanna change a thing..

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