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18, Young, Wild and Free

So yes, I'm officially 18 years old last 14 August aand most of my blogger fella (even most of my friends in real life...) didn't believe it.
So how about you?

My birthday started when someone sent me a text on facebook at 1 AM. Yes, 1 AM. And it woke me up.. I easily wake up when I hear my phone ringing.

He is a friend of mine, we met at junior high school. We used to talk a lot but we were growing separated. I surprised that he doesn't forget me, for real. And I'm kinda happy.. that an old friend like him doesn't forget me.

I like the fact that he didn't awkward at all. He just say it like we have so much conversation yesterday, and just like that.
Maybe it's a good way to treat an old friends :)

And I went back to sleep.
My man woke me up by call. I actually was  really sleepy that morning but I know that I was smiling ear to ear. Hearing your beloved one's voice in the morning wishing you a happy birthday and wishes for years ahead, of course I'm super-happy.

So much friends giving me wishes and it's kinda different from my last year's birthday. Last year it was super quiet so I don't remember how it was. But this year, so much friends, both old or new friends were giving me wishes.

Also gift.

This photo was taken week ago when some of my highscool friends and I went for a short holiday. And..this photo is edited by one of them. She's Hilwa.

I used to call her Kak Hilwa since she's two years older than me.
I was too happy to see this photo and instantly uploaded it to my instagram.

Then.. here comes wishes from the beauty Mbak Prima, blogger fella that I met about one year ago from internet.
Months ago we actually met in real life and took a picture together. Surprisingly, she gave the photos to me on my birthday! Is it my birthday gift, mbak? XD

Those photo were taken when we go to Yogyakarta's gelato cafe, the best and cheap one in the town! It named Tempo Gelato, you may see this post to see the details about the cafe.

This year, the fact that I met Mbak Prima, I know that I learned from her so much, a lot.
She is brave, the most brave woman I've ever met. Even compared to my mom, she has so much more bravery and honesty in her soul.
When she was talking everyone would be looking at her and hearing. Her appearance is not boring and the way she talking is super interesting.

She, teach me about how to live life to the fullest with bravery and ambition.

This one is from my classmate in campus. This is a prove that you can't hate somebody too far, and you can't even judge someone at the first time you met.

Yes, honestly when I was saw him first time at the class, I didn't like him at all. He seems rude, he only talk a bit and didn't smile at all. I claimed he's arrogant dude at the first time I met him. But as the time goes by, we share stories and thougths, and become friend. He even called me 'ce es kuh' (what?) and I laughed everytime he wrote it and called me by that.

You don't know what will happen, just don't spread hate when you met somebody at the first time.

In the evening, Kak Hilwa asked me to go out with her. I agreed, because I want to give myself a little celebration, too.
But right before I went out from my house, a package come.

A photo posted by Safira Nys (@safiranys) on

It was sent by my man via mail. He was too far away from my city and he sent me this present. Even though I'm the one who asking him for it, I'm surprised too. Strange, huh?

So, yea. I don't understand why most of girls (including me, sometime) don't know what they want. But even if they know what they want, they didn't say it. In example. When a girls going out with her partner, the partner is asking where she'd like to go. Actually she want to go to the A cafe. But the girl said 'up to you' instead to her partner, and ended up that her partner bring her to the B cafe. And she's mad.
Isn't that insane?

When someone ask what you want, say what you mean. Say it correctly, and think about others too. Does it object the one? Will your wish make you both happy?

Everyone is not your mind reader, you need to say what you mean. Apologize. Thank your friends.
Your life will be easier, believe me.

A photo posted by Safira Nys (@safiranys) on

Well, I went to kak Hilwa's apartment (it actually her room that she rent at a building and we called it kos-kosan, but it seems like an apartment tho, so yea) and we go to a cafe.
And she gave me gift, too!
(unfortunately we didn't take a picture together, huft)

Having a dinner in a cafe, and little talks. I actually enjoy having time with her, she has a beautiful soul. Unlike mbak Prima which is full of bravery, she is super tender. She's also generous, and grateful. You can see the difference when someone is really grateful and calm about their life, it shining on their eyes. You can see how she act, full of graciousness, she do things carefully, like all of things are fragile. She gave too much to others, without feeling less.

I don't know how to describe her personality, the one I know that she has a big patience, a grateful heart and a beautiful soul. I'm grateful that I have a friend like her, but also jealous at the same time.
But I'm happy, ok.

I learn so much not from the friends above, but also from all of you.
We have to be better each and everyday, right?
We have to give life the best what we have.

So smile, and courage your friends and family. Give more, expect less, live a happy life.
God bless you.

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  1. Ya ampun serius kamu baru 18 tauuun? Aaaaaak muda amat x')

  2. Ulang tahun yang menyenangkan, dikelilingi banyak teman. ^^

  3. demiapa 18 tahun? kirain seumuran haha XD
    anw happy birthday yaa firaaa!

    1. Huaaa emangnya kamu berapa XD
      Makasih ya Lita :)


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