Jumat, 20 Januari 2012


At first, I don’t think that I can stay here for a long time. Yeah, you know I don’t like you much. That’s the reason why I don’t care much about you. And if you ask me why you don’t like us? Okay, I’ll tell you this time.

                There’s jerkers around us, and I don’t like it, much! Even though you look me as fine, but you don’t know what I feel. I really hate jerkers, even though they was jerking my friend, yea I really hate them. I feel nasty there.

                However, that feel  became an unfortunateness. I cried in front of you, and said that I wish I can move to other class. I was so upset there cause no one jerker responds my  words. They all just ignore me, they only hear a half part what I say.

                But you, you the BEST FRIENDS that I ever have. You proved me that they (the jerkers) not bad at all. You made me believe, that not all of jerks are bad. You tell me that they just want make us happy, they want to make us love to stay here and need their happiness when they are not here with us. They don’t want to hurt someone, you said. They just want to joke with me, and you say I have to face them not seriously. They just want to make us feel not alone 

                I saw there that  you try to make me love to stay here. Then the truth, yeah.. I’d love to stay here forever, and don’t want to move anywhere, ever. So I don’t want we’ll be apart, ever.

                Yea, you opened my eyes that this life doesn’t ever easy. You told me that life is like a game. When you up to the next level, you’ll face the harder trouble. Right? You told me when I’m in trouble, that Allah loves me, the reason why He puts me on a trouble. 

                You mean everything to me, you shown me what a real gift of a friend, I knew you will do that.  And you did. Thanks for all, friends. I knew you will sweep my tears with your hands. I knew you will hold my hand with yours. I knew you will hug me everyday. 

                Even though someone of us made us upset today, I knew that we can accept it all and understand why she/he do it. And I trust that tomorrow our relation will be good as normally. We’ll become one, forever. One, everlasting 

                Trust me, I’ll be happy when you are laughing. My tear will fall when you are sad. When you are sick, I’ll help you to feel better. And I trust it much, because I knew that you do the same to me. You love me and, so do I 

                But friend, there’s nothing can make me feel better except you! Yeah, there’s just you who make me feel better, best, lucky, anytime! Your kindness, your jokes, your jerks, your appreciation, your smile, your face, your voice, and so all about you, make me feel lucky to have friends like you.
                Once again. You made me understand that we don’t have to be a good friend, but we have to be a good friend J EVER.  And I’ll try to make it happen in myself. 

                Friends, I don’t know how to say thanks. So much the trough we walk together, that made me believe that not every jerks made us feel bad. (yea, you made me a jerker! Haha, LMAO!) That made me love me love what the way I am. And also made me LOVE THE WAY YOU ARE.

                Let’s make promise with our finger above this happiness, together.
“We’ll never be apart, wherever we’re at. We’ll never forget every trough have been inside. We’ll never be arrogant to each other, wherever we are. We’ll always contact each other whenever. We’ll always love each together, HOWEVER WE ARE!!”

Warmie Masjid, 17032011, 20:47

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