Rabu, 01 Februari 2012

Little Almost Last Note from D5FP


The last time for D5FP study together in our lovely class formally. Many come to us some feel while studying. Sad, happy, admirable, can't believe.. Anything!

We feel like yesterday we just came to this place. We don't realize, we have just to go, learning more in other places without our lovely friends :(

We know, that we will miss our class. Even if sometime we'll feel bad, angry, mad in class because of someone, one of our classmates, we will always miss our class much. Because we love our class as the way we are :)

We trust that we can't forget every truth that having been in our class. Every jerks, every jokes, every cleverness, every madness, every tears, every laugh, every colors which were up to us. And also every unique member of D5FP.

We'll always believe in Mr. Kahfi, wherever and whenever, even though we don't meet anytime. However, he's our masterclass. We are so proud of him. Fortunately, Allah doesn't give someone price tag for himself. If He did, we couldn't buy someone like Mr. Kahfi. He is so over respectable, lovable, adorable, admirable. He's honest, patient, his reality, his hard-work, everything about him, adorable. 

He often calm us down when we were upset. He usually made us confident. He'd never stayed mad at us for anything. He just talked us slowly--but of course onto our hearts-- when we made a mess.

We'd never find another him, EVER! For that, we love him just the way him are. We could't pay everything he gave with everything we had. He's our best Abah, Ever!

And for member D5FP, click read more please :)

Anandika Zarkasih Suryawinata
We'll miss Anandika. As our ex-chief. He just look like Sule *ahahahaha*. Yeah, he really looked like Sule. His voice, his face, his eye and all about him. Even though sometimes he made us angry, but he most like making us laugh with his jokes. His hobby was reading Holy Qur'an and shalawat *woow*. It's not bad, his voice's so good for that. He got plus poin for that. 

We also miss his carelessness and his confidence. It's good, cause we know he wanna be a presenter.

Good Luck, Dika!

Arkhan Jannata
We won't forget Arkhan. He is the jerk lover. He jerks other everyday, even anytime! And he's just like an evil for us. Everyday he made our class full of noisy! But one of us told that we ought to feel Arkhan's evilness  before we've gone from this boarding school, because we will never find another him. 

But sometimes we were so proud to present him in an event or public. Because.. He's so adorable. He had a high self confidence, very high. And he also could make audience not bored when the lights shine on him.

Dini Widiyati

We also couldn't find another Dini. She looked like so speechless. We could decided her like that because of her voice. Her voice is so small. And we could ind it inside her eyes, which having low shine but glow the patience. 

She just like the tidiest student in our class. One more, beside her speechlessness, she wanted to have a bigger voice trough. But unfortunately, she couldn't. Sometimes some of us taught her to raise her voice up but we could't. We're sorry for that >,<

Another member? Coming soon :)

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