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[REVIEW] Baby Tata BT21 (BTS) Wireless Earphone | Line Friends x Royche

Hi everyone! 

Since I have reviewed this product in Indonesia on my video, I think I will write this review using English. Many ARMYS around the world are curious about this product, and the review about this product is still limited. 

Kalau mau lihat review berbahasa Indonesia, tonton videoku saja ya. Klik di sini. 

And if you are an international ARMY (outside Indonesia), I'm sorry I can't provide an online shop recommendation for you since I bought this from Tokopedia. (Everyone must know Tokopedia since they are partnering with BTS right 🤣)

I will tell you the experience while I'm using this Wireless Earphone, and some tips for you. But first, I want to show you the details from the BT21 Wireless Earphone from Line Friends x Royche package.

Inside the package, you will get:
  • The earbuds with the case (they are inside), and I think the size is bigger than the Samsung x BTS ones. This case and the buds looks bigger. (I haven't seen the Samsung x BTS buds in person (?), the comparison is according to pics from different source)
  • Earbuds rubbers in different sizes, so you can change it according to your preferences. 
  • User manual, it's all in Korean! And yes, I didn't read it. ⚠️ If you buy electronics products from Korea, the language usually is in Korean. So, the sound in the buds (to notify that it's on, it's low in battery, etc) are all in Korean. 
  • Charging cable, without the adaptor. I use iPhone 6s+ adaptor and it works just fine. 
  • A card in Korean, idk what it is. 
Yoongi photocard is actually a gift from the seller. This earphone arrived not long after my MOTS:7 album arrived. I got Yoongi for my MOTS:7 ver 1... And this seller gave me Yoongi PC even though Tata is Taehyung's character 😭😂

(Well Seokjin, Taehyung, and Yoongi are my biases!)

Before I talk about how to use it, you might want to see the video of it first. Even though I said a lot of things in Indonesian, but I think the demonstration is still useful and understandable. I haven't put any subtitle to the vid yet. 

So the buds initially charged but not fully, so you can charge them first before using it. The buds and the case both has LED indicators. I will explain the meaning behind the LED indicator based on my experience. 
  • Orange LED on buds when they are inside the case: charging
  • No LED on buds when they are inside the case: not charging/full
  • Changing color LED on buds outside case: finding for bluetooth connection
  • Green LED slowly on the case turning off/on: charging
  • Green LED stay still on the case: fully charging
For your information, the case can be charged even when there are no buds inside! So you can charge the case while wearing the buds. 

This earbuds connects well to Android phone (mine is Galaxy J5 Pro), iOs phone (mine is iPhone 6s+), and MacOS. I have never tried to connect it to Windows PC, but I guess it works well. 

The bluetooth connection allows you to move freely while using the earbuds. However if you are moving away from the device, the sound will become more delayed. If there are no barrier between you and the device (e.g. walls), you can move up to 12-14 steps away. If there are walls, the connection will only lasts around 10 steps away. 

Tips on using BT21 Baby Earbuds:
  • Clean your ears regularly! At least once a week. Don't overdo it either. 
  • Clean the buds and the case regularly + thoroughly! You can remove the buds rubber, please clean the rubbers and the buds completely. 
  • You should also clean the yellow part (charging port) of the buds (the two yellow dots) because if it is dirty, it won't charge!! (yes it happened to mine once and i was worried 🤣)
You can monitor the battery of your buds from your phone. And recently I just discovered that we will get a notification if the buds are low on battery in Android device! Meanwhile iOS and MacOS did not give any notification, and we cannot monitor the percentage of the buds from both iOS and MacOS... Maybe because they have airpods. 

Not gonna lie, airpods quality are still better in terms of microphone! The quality of the microphone in BT21 buds is not good. Your friends can barely hear anything if you are talking on the phone using the buds. 

If you are on your video call meetings on PC, you can use these buds because we can change the settings of the hardware. For speaker, choose the BT21 buds, meanwhile for the microphone please just choose built-in microphone. 

I'm sorry I cannot provide link for international buyers!
But if you have access to Tokopedia, I buy mine from Lotipda (Batam). If you prefer to buy from Shopee (Indonesia), Lotipda has a store in Shopee too. 
If you have any questions please feel free to write them on the comment box below!

Thanks for reading!
❤️, Safira Nisa

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  1. thank you! This is helpful. I just got mine. Mine's Tata <3

  2. Great! Thanks. Had a hard time checking the user manual. Can't understand Hangul :( thanks

  3. Thanks alot mine is chimmy just got it


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