Kamis, 26 Februari 2015

Got a Mini Dress?

Hello, so it's thursday, time for #KamisInggris!

Long time ago, me and one of my friend Prilian went to a store in Tasikmalaya. We found some cute dresses, which is midi and mini dresses. And we both have a same thought. If we were able to wear those, it will be sooooo fun. We both love the designs and the color and all the part of those midi-mini dresses.

And now, two years have passed. I've found those hijabers and those fashion-hijab-bloggers that sometimes use cute midi or mini dress for their outfit. Even mix and matching it with patterned pants, which is wow, so brave and cheerful!

Look at this one, by our sister Qonitah Al-Jundiah.

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How cute she is!! Yes, she is a fashion-hijab-blogger who now work as a columnist on Hijabella Magazine. And She was a presenter on Travelleza. (Yes, was! Because I didn't find it anymore on Sunday Morning..)

Well, back to the story of those cute dresses.

Well, about a week ago, I and my mother went to a store near our house. Surprisingly, that store was on 50% off promo! And we so shocked yet happy because of that. My mother asked me what I want to buy, but I didn't find anything that match my interest.

Until I pick a shirt (I didn't know at first it was a mini dress) just because its color and its cloth.
And when I unfolded the shirt.
Wow, so surprised and super happy! I love it even at the first glance!!
(And when I opened it sure, I love it even more!)

Disclaimer: I didn;t visited the hotel.
This photo was taken when I, my friend and my bf crossed the road from Riau Junction, headed to BIP, lol.

How do I look with those shades of blue, and that (new) Mini dress?

Pardon my legs, lol.
Frankly speaking, I (only want to)  use this dress for special time. Like this one, for the truth, I was joining the competition from @gramediabooks, which is Valentine Photo Competition. Unfortunately, I and my bf lost on this. *sobs*

(Just tell me were we so-romanticless on this photo? :'))

Well, if the time can be returned, I would like to wear this dress for our (I and my bf, lol) first date.
Also with some thin makeup, too.
Like this one, ahaha

A selfie won't hurt, eh?
Thank you for reading. Here some cute Pretz for you!

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  1. Huaaaa... I do love mini dress! I have this one; mini dress full patterne of black bow tie. And that's make me feel so cuuute :3
    I'm inspired by you, so maybe I'll post my own mini dress too! :D


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