Selasa, 17 Maret 2015

Fukuzushi For Life?

So last week I wrote about Fukuzushi in Bahasa here. Well, I promised to write again one for my final judgement, and I think I'll use English because well, this is a trial. LOL.

I haven't tell you my favorite menus from Fukuzushi's Sushi Roll, so here:

Happy Roll

The combination of kani and tuna is really really fresh, yet those ebiko and mayonaise is just make this roll really perfect. Not too salty and not too raw or plain, it's just perfect!

Sake Aburi Cheese roll

I love cheese! And I found it really nice, even before I don't believe in those combination. Cheese and sushi? Tobiko? Just why. But when I tasted it, it really really good. Fresh yet yummy yet cheesy!

(Yes, I like my sushi fresh so I like those kind of sushi.)

Well, for you who have an allergy for seafood or fish, I suggest you not to try those sushi, because you know, those are fresh and raw fish, so it will affect you. But the good news is, now Fukuzushi made a new menu for All You Can Eat!

Who can deny ramen in this kind of weather, really?

They also made improvements for sushi, they made a Giant Sushi Roll which is very, very super big.

I think we need fork and spoon to eat this sushi, lol.

It's super big, but if I am offered to eat those, I won't. It's just too big and dismiss sushi's signature for a-bite-meal. But if you have a relly huge belly and eat portion, I think it just works for you.
(And I wonder who can eat those giant sushi roll for a bite...)

Overall, I like this place and all of All You Can eat menus. I love the place (Fukuzushi PVJ) because it's so far from crowd, we can eat slowly, we can talk to our friends freely. The waiters there are just very friendly and looks happy, it boost our mood too! They also play musics video in average volume, so we can hear the music, but it doesn't ruin our talks with our friend. It doesn't even lower our sound when we call the waiters.

We paid Rp99.000 for All You Can Eat menus in weekday, but of course there are extra charge for tax and for service, so we paid around Rp114.900 per person.

But if you don't finish the sushis, you'll get another extra charge. So, bring the boys for eating AYCE menus! 

Place: 9/10
Service: 10/10!
Taste: 9/10
Price: 9/10
Overall: 9.33/10!

Very Recommended!
For those who wants to go Fukuzushi, you can find them at:

Jl. Bahureksa no. 1 Bandung
(022) 420 6999


PVJ Glamour Level, 06C Bandung
(Upstairs beside Daiso)
(022) 820 63500

Regards from the eaters!

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  1. hai. salam kenal ya. aku tania lg buat skripsi tentang pembaca blog Elle&Jess. minta tolong buat isi kuesioner ini. Link kuesioner: terima kasih byk sebelumnya :)

  2. salah banget baca gini.. bikin laper hahaa

    1. Yang nulisnya aja kalau baca lagi jadi lapar lagi :')


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