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#ETUxWardah on VAMFF 2016: Let's Globalize our Modest Fashion!

Restu Anggraini, the young Indonesian designer never failed to amaze us. She and her brand ETU is definitely going places. Went to Tokyo for Mercedes-Benz Japan Fashion Week last year apparently is not enough for her. This month, she is going to Melbourne, joining Virgin Australia Fashion Festival and showing her works. Surprisingly, Restu Anggraini is the Winner of The ANZ Australia-Indonesia Young Fashion Designer Award last year, which makes her going this month. By any means, she (and her brand ETU) was already known abroad more than once last year!

I admit that I really am adore her. Her name might not be familiar to some of us. But that very time I read an article about her on a magazine, about her vision, passion, works.. I know that she is the one that should be proud of. Restu build the brand based on her feeling for fashion and it seems that fashion enthusiasts and the society is agreed with her design. She pours all of her mind, heart and energy to every details of her brand, ETU.

We can clearly see that ETU is a modest wear that fits everyone, it's versatile. With or without hijab, the pieces will looks good on you. The cutting is so simple, it let us moves freely and comfortably. That simplicity which makes Restu experimented with the fabric and tailoring. She worked with unique fabrics such as Handwoven fabric, BembergTM fabric, Makassar silk. And now Restu is collaborating with Toray's propriertary high tech material, Ultrasuede® for her collection that were shown on VAMFF.

LA VOYAGEUSE Fall/ Winter 2016 VIRGIN AUSTRALIA MELBOURNE FASHION FESTIVAL INSPIRATION The collection tells a story about the generation of educated, savvy young Muslims across the world who are quantifiably different in their world views; in their openness to the world, the way they wear their faith proudly, in their knowledge and intellect, their ambition and hunger for success, and in their critical, challenging nature. La Voyageuse conveys a dual meaning of ETU physically going places and globally traveled to spread the beauty of Islam through fashion, while also expressing how universal ETU designs to the world regardless of its religion and nation. The collection also promises ETU’s exciting innovation on modest fashion world that offers Toray’s proprietary hi-tech material, Ultrasuede; a global leader of cutting-edge fiber technologies. #ETUxVAMFF #ETUxWardah #ETUGoingPlaces #ETUxUltrasuede #StartAGoodThing #indonesiafashionforward #australiaindonesiacentre #WardahFashionVibe #WardahgoestoVAMFF #IFFxVAMFF2016 #IFFtotheworld #JakartaFashionWeek
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Stylish and current design on the pieces didn't make the price rising so high that everyone can't afford it. The interesting side of ETU is here. The price is reasonable for such a great piece, and moeslems all over the world could buy at least one item from ETU.  ETU is such a unique, creative yet modest brand so why moeslems all over the world doesn't want to get some pieces?

ETU shares same vision with Wardah, an Indonesian halal makeup line, to bring Indonesian local brand global, also to empower all moeslem all over the world by globalizing halaal lifestyle. So, they collaborated and decided to went together to Melbourne. Not only doing some shows, Wardah and ETU even held a engangement event where the moeslem designers and influencers from both country can get along, sharing about fashion and beauty.

The fact that ETU is going places, opening a huge wide doors for other local designers, especially other designers that collaborated with Wardah such as Rani Hatta, Mel Ahyar, Andien Aisyah and Ria Miranda, to go places too. It is possible that moeslems Australian will look for more designers from Indonesia. Because, ETU and Wardah's campaign on VAMFF 2016 bring the message that Indonesia, our Indonesia is the central of moeslem designers and halaal lifestyle.

Indonesia has been good at garment production and fashion since long ago. We have wide variety of fabric; even each island, each ethnic has their own fabric production. Batik, Tenun Ikat, you call it. Human resources, we've got more than enough to produce over hundreds of fashion brands. We even evolve time by time to keep our fashion industry better. 
Then one day we realize that Indonesia have a large number of moeslems. The modest wear game is started. Various pieces is created with various price. Simple to unique, low to high.  It gets better day by day, until modest wear become a trend here. But we just keep it for ourself, locally. We don't have a chance to speak up to the world that we, Indonesians, are rich and mastered fashion industry, especially in modest wear.

But with ETU and Wardah's campaign on VAMFF, we can show our ability and seek even more target to market our local designers' product.

Based on ETU's Press Release for VAMFF, export rate from Indonesia to Australia is only around 176 million USD per year, meanwhile the market potential in fashion could reach up to 15 billion USD. Moeslem residents in Australia is approximately 500,000 people, which is a huge number for a target marketing. 
Start with trading off ETU to the target. If the number of devotee become higher, it is possible that their demand will be higher than our supply. At that time, we can bring the other local brands to the global market. Not only ETU, but also Ria Miranda, Rani Hatta, Happa, even GDAs by Ghaida and all of our local designers' brand. We will prove that Indonesian's local brand competitiveness should be noticed; we even accepted abroad.

Our local designers' brand accepted abroad, now what? Prepare for the global market, bigger market. We should aim bigger country to market our products, start with AEC (Asean Economic Community), then to the country who has a big number of moeslem. The target, are moeslems. But because of our local designers' collection is modest yet versatile, we can globalize halal lifestyle by the fashion!
Mrs Laura Anderson (VAMFF Chairman) wears ETU's coat.
 Talking about the marketing and trading, let's see the probability of growth on selling modest wear until 2020:

Just imagine the number of possibilities that our local designers' brand could get. All of them is started by a small step. Thousand steps will always be started by one small step, by the way.
ETU and Wardah campaign on VAMFF give such a big contribution for the whole modest fashion industry in our country. Our local designers' diversity, creativity and identity on their work, will be noticed by the global market. Then, Indonesia will be labelled as the central of modest fashion wear and halaal lifestyle. In the end of the day, our country, Indonesia will grow along, too. Its name, its economy, its fame. 

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  1. Yeah, I believe when we put love + heart + passion on our work, it feels different. It's brighter. So yeah I'm not wondering why ETU becomes so successful. ^^

  2. I love how she always puts science in her fashion design


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