Friday, May 8, 2015

Spring Outfit Inspirations for Hijabi - Mixing patterns

Actually I have some mix and matched outfits for spring, but I can't do photoshoot yet. I find it quite hard since no one wants to take picture of me. *sobs in sundanese (?)*

*closer look*

In this photo, I wear the scarf wich I used in senior high school graduation, and it's an uniform scarf! I don't know who bought it but sure it is really cute and good, easy to wear.

Detail of scarf pattern
I don't know it's like painting, but somehow I find it really cute and fresh. Three of the colours are just match and good in my eyes.

For inner, I wear a basic shirt with orange colour.
For the outer, It was my mother's long shirt, but I transformed it into an outer. I fold the tip of the sleeves, though. It has other colour like dark orange? That ruining my look. But after I fold it, it become cute.

The outer has a plaid pattern

This plaid consist of brown lines, orange lines, peach lines, and a bit of green lines.
But this combination match perfectly as something that a bit dark, and I'm not afraid of matching it with a bright pattern (that scarf pattern). It make them look cute, actually.

Here I use some bracelets which I bought from Yogyakarta and @ilvmndy. @ilvmndy is an online shop based in Malang, Indonesia. They sell cute accessories with a low price and I relly love it! They often give bonus for their customers!

The belt, I get it when I bought a skirt. The belt is bonus! It's wide but not too huge. It has a braid pattern. It has a colour matched with the skirt, beige.

The skirt was my mother's when she attend college. So now it's mine, lol!

And for the shoes, I wear shoes which I got from @sixshopline during their giveaway. Yes, I got it for free, lol.

It has unique pattern

The skirt is just plain so I match it with a patterned oxford (or docmart) shoes. The colour is matchy-matchy with my scarf and my skirt!

As you see, mostly I mix and matching the item that has been on my (or my momma's, my daddy's, my granny's) cupboard, so I rarely buy clothes. Or I got it from giveaway, lol.
Maybe I should share some tips for you who want to be stylish in a low budget. (Like me!!)
I'll share it later!

I really want to take more photos in this outfit. I may do it later, but for real-time everyday fashion guide and inspiration, you guys should follow my instagram!

So, what do you think about this patterns mixing? 


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